Toulon is back

Join the fun and the seaside lifestyle


French Riviera, Provence, Mediterranean lifestyle,
Toulon is all of that in its own singular way.

The light here is unrivalled, the blue of the sea is preserved
and inspired some the most famous writers such as
Jean Cocteau and Alexandre Dumas.

In the old days, Toulon homed the most amazing city wide parties 
where everyone, poors and riches, artists and business men,
sailors around the globe would all know Toulon and
join the fun and the seaside lifestyle.

In the recent years, Toulon is witnessing an exponential
number of creative entrepreneurs, booming artists that are making
such a vibrant place to be again.

This page is dedicated to all that are living and giving 
life to the re birth of Toulon and writing the pages of this 
thrilling success story. 

To win it, you gotta be in it so come and visit us!




 Local organic beer


La Bière de la Rade is a micro-brewer based in the heart of Toulon.

Bière de la Rade gets people together, and brings a smile on your face at first sip.

It's organic, it's local, it's perfectly crafted. 

It's just love in bottles! 


Natural local talents at work!   

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Did you know the world best ever men
swim trunk was invented in Toulon? 

 Since 2014, Seagale offers its own interpretation 
of "Toulon style" men beach & lifestyle fashion  

They even do smart socks! . 

 We just love it, go Seagle, sky is the limit! 









French arts & creativity have a home, in Toulon.  


In the hear of Toulon, The Liberté theatre is a one of kind scene 

It was founded and co managed by Charles Berling et Pascale Boeglin-Rodier.

The place is dedicated to freedom, contemporary creativity
and is known throughout Europe to give the opportunity
to emerging & unstopable talents yet to be discovered.  

Stay tuned for the best local art scene has to offer. 

We just love it! 



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Toulon is the air